Personal Coaching

Initially it is important that we establish your goals and expectations, current training pattern and sporting history. The athlete questionnaire I ask you to complete will enable me to build a detailed view of your experience, nutritional approach and lifestyle. This will ensure that your individual training plan will achieve the consistency required while being realistic in terms of time and historical experience. In addition, we should establish at this early stage if our styles and philosophies are aligned such that we can work effectively together over the long term; a coaching relationship is a significant commitment for both parties.

I have found that it is best to have a limited number of very specific qualitative and quantitative goals. You may or may not already have goals in mind but at the outset we should crystallise these. It is important to understand what your longer term goals are as well as nearer term races so that we can plan appropriate progression in both skills and fitness over time. Successful longer distance racing demands a multi season outlook to truly build the required endurance and experience.

Every training plan I build is fully tailored to the individual athlete such that it optimally develops fitness, skills and addresses limiters, whilst fitting into a busy daily schedule. Training plans are normally delivered using a system that we can both agree is most suitable, such that it provides an easy means to share the plans and your feedback. The plans will be structured to build logically towards your goals but it is inevitable that changes will be needed to accommodate business trips, family commitments, holidays, injury or simply allow extra recovery; feedback is a critical part of the process so that I can optimise the schedule going forwards. The key to successful training is to apply an appropriate level of load and then allow an appropriate amount of recovery for adaptation to occur. This is a very fine balance and effective communication will be vital to flexing the plan to achieve this.

Over the longer term, successful long distance racing and training requires the process to be exciting and fun – i am a firm believer that if you enjoy what you do you will be successful and so it is important that as we move forwards, we will explore ways to achieve this.

I believe it is important that you understand both what and why you are doing something and I actively encourage athlete education and questioning. I will endeavour to answer promptly but if I don’t have the answer immediately I will do a little homework and revert back to you as soon as I have an answer; I prefer to get things right than rush a response. My preference is always that you contact me if you have any questions and we resolve the issue quickly rather than you wait and train sub-optimally.

My fee for this personal coaching service is £95 per month paid quarterly in advance. There is no start-up fee and there is no minimum term. Please contact me on if you would like to discuss this further.